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Educational Mission

The Grandir group is committed to a shared educational mission. It brings together bespoke curriculums from different countries, all focused on developing young children essential skills through diverse cultural methods and approaches.
We empower each child with the essential skills needed for their future, while respecting their individuality.
Grandir is committed to providing a high quality education that empowers every child to thrive and reach their full potential.
All the Brands of the Grandir Family share a unified educational vision centered on nurturing children's development, respecting their individuality, and fostering essential skills for thriving in an world that is constantly changing.
Our educational mission is strengthened by customized educational programs that address the distinct needs and cultural contexts of each country.


The 5C ® program aims to develop children's reasoning, questioning, innovation, collaboration, communication, and social integration skills. It is inspired by leading pedagogical and academic trends as well as neuroscience.


Grandir UK offers an education program preparing children for school and life through a unique approach. Aligned with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), it also features 'Foundations for the Future'. This model empowers children with life skills, behaviors, and attitudes, ensuring they're well-prepared for the future.


Our educational approach emphasizes multilingualism and holistic development. It focuses on children's overall growth, encompassing physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and linguistic development. Children are encouraged to express themselves in different languages from an early age, fostering a rich learning environment.

North America

The educational curriculum emphasizes an emergent approach, allowing children to lead their own learning journeys. They develop skills at their own pace, exploring interests in a nurturing environment. From literacy to fine arts, movement, and STREAM, every child is encouraged to flourish and reach their full potential.