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Innovation Lab

Our Innovation LAB is comprised of professional experts who constantly explore and experiment solutions to tackle social, societal, and technological challenges impacting childhood early education.
Their main objective is to create and deploy innovative digital tools that can help optimize the quality of our services.
From ideas to solutions, fostering progress through innovation
We provide our teams with cutting-edge tools and foster collaboration across departments, creating a supportive and connected environment where everyone can flourish and make a meaningful impact.
We embrace educational innovation and explore engaging tools to enhance children's well-being, ignite their curiosity, and cultivate essential skills for the 21st-century.
We remain committed to delivering exceptional service to our families, business, and institutional partners.
We prioritize developing solutions that streamline information flow and foster open, accountable process management.


Our innovative Digital Enrolment Platform empowers our public authority partners to efficiently manage their childcare facilities, ultimately ensuring families receive the highest quality of care. Developed entirely by our in-house team, this solution is a major technological and social edge.

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Our comprehensive mobility program promotes employee well-being and environmental responsibility. By analyzing commuting times and the carbon footprint of various transportation options, we strive to offer each employee a job as close to home as possible. This approach not only enhances work-life balance but also demonstrably reflects our commitment to sustainability.
We are a people business,
and so are
our innovations.
Advanced mobility management solution for our employees, online social support platform, parenthood application, institutional plateforms, ergonomics workspaces, language program.
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Our partners - major players in Ed tech and the Future of work, venture studios, incubators and VC funds - also work alongside us to source the best innovations.